List of Academic staff

Koji Suzuki, Professor

I am trying to estimate the roles of marine biota in biogeochemical cycles using biochemical, biophysical, and molecular biological techniques. At present, I particularly investigate the community composition and dynamics of phytoplankton in the North Pacific and their relevance to the biogeochemical processes.

Yutaka W. Watanabe, Associate Professor

My present studies are as follows:
(1) Clarification of carbon and nitrogen cycles among the atmosphere, the ocean, and the land.
(2) Clarification of changes in carbon and nitrogen cycle in the ocean derived from the global warming.
Using atmosphere-ocean observations and chemical analyses can allow us to make progress the above studies.

Sohiko Kameyama, Associate Professor

Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) play important roles in atmospheric chemistry.Ocean surface is one of the sources of the VOCs. I am trying to estimate production/consumption processes of the VOCs with up-to-date measurement techniques.